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Medical Malpractice Reform: The Key to Healthy Missouri Families and Access to Care

The Medical Malpractice Crisis in Missouri

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Date: February 24, 2015

Where: Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri

Missouri is facing a healthcare crisis that could result in fewer doctors, higher costs, less access, and an unfair environment for patients and their families if the legislature does not pass medical malpractice reform. On July 31, 2012, the Missouri Supreme Court overturned the state’s limit on non-economic damages in medical negligence cases by ruling the cap violated the right to trial by jury, overturning more than 20 years of precedent. If the Missouri House of Representatives and State Senate do not pass legislation this year, more money will be diverted away from patient care and into the hands of personal injury attorneys.

What Happened Between 2002-2005 When Missouri Had Ineffective Caps on Non-Economic Damages?

- The number of companies writing policies in Missouri dropped from 32 to 8.

-  In 2002, 27% of physicians limited their scope to avoid high-risk patients and procedures.

- In 2004, 49% of physicians admitted the insurance costs caused them to cut staff positions and 28% were compelled to forego updating or acquiring new technology.

- Among neurosurgeons, 53% refused to accept Medicaid patients, 23% refused to accept Medicare patients, and 66% reduced the services they could otherwise provide to their communities.

- By 2004, 1 in 10 Ob/Gyns quit practicing obstetrics due to insurance costs.

What Happened Between 2005 and 2012 When Caps were in Place?

- Missouri gained approximately 1,000 physicians.

- There has been a $44 million decrease in written liability insurance premiums.

- The number of claims filed has fallen 46.9%

- The average indemnity on paid claims fell 20%



Stay tuned for any potential tort reform legislation pending for 2015.

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